Who the Heck are We?

Content Media Group is a full-service, award-winning video production company and post-production house based in Los Angeles. Fusing creativity with technology, we strive to create compelling content that rises above the existing digital noise. Our team has over 20 years of experience producing critically acclaimed material for broadcast television, corporate video and new media. We produce video that produces results!

While we are proud of the 31 Emmy nominations and 11 Emmy Awards, we are more impressed with the word of mouth advertising from our clients. Success isn’t solely measured by a balance sheet. We value the long-term relationships that have been forged over the past decade with companies who entrust their image to us. Our clients dig the fact we make the video production process pain-free and super easy. Some even have fun…imagine that!

Whatever the medium: TV, internet, mobile, radio. Whatever the genre: entertainment, documentary, corporate video, commercials. We’re producing the content that people are watching. And if they’re not? They’re probably reading a book and much smarter than us. We’re okay with that.

  • Jeff MacIntyre

  • Producer/Owner

Jeff MacIntyre is an Emmy Award Winning Producer, Cameraman and Editor. His work for ABC News has taken him all over the world and has garnered 11 Emmys and four Edward R. Murrow awards for excellence in Journalism and Production. From broadcast documentaries to non-profit videos, his production company, Content Media Group, has been producing content that matters for over 20 years. Jeff loves tracking down a good story and blasting it out to the world!

  • Jay Smith

  • Producer

Jay Smith is a writer/director/videographer with extensive credits in the field of new media.  He is also a graduate of UCLA’s MFA Theater, Film & TV program.  While at UCLA, Jay earned a DGA Award for his work as a narrative filmmaker and was commissioned to serve as a Director on MTV’s critically acclaimed “True Life” documentary series.  He is currently writing and producing content for various distribution channels.